In 2014, the greatest challenge for music streaming isn’t trying to hear the music that you love—it’s deciding on the best way to hear it. The last half-decade has seen an absolute explosion in music streaming services. Whether you prefer a smartly curated playlist, a heavy block of one artist, or an exploratory journey through tunes plucked from all corners of the web, you can hear your favorite music any way you like thanks to these apps. If you don’t feel like your music app of choice is giving you the ideal listening experience, then all you have to do is move on to the next one to get an entirely different listening experience.

Now that services like Pandora and Spotify have become household names, there is a serious market for getting you your music in the best way possible. The next great frontier is music streamed directly to your smartphone. A number of apps have entered this fray, hoping to become the next household name in music streaming. Here are some of the apps that we thing are doing the best job of getting you the music that you want, jut the way you like it. These are Music-Streaming Apps Every Smartphone Owner Should Download, available on Windows Store.