Seeing as the Ram Records camp already crushed 2014, they might as well go ahead and make way for the onslaught of dnb fury they're set to drop on us next year, right? On December 8, they drop Ram Drum & Bass Annual 2015, a massive 28-track release featuring the now and the next of what many feels is the pinnacle of the drum & bass scene today.

LoKo & Chords are two producers who have been working their way up the Ram ladder, and their collaboration "Diamond Light" is not only an exclusive to this project, but could be a star-making tune for both of them. The vocal in this is so key; it takes it from a mesmerizing dnb scorcher into anthem lane. Something about the way this tune progresses as well; for a five minute bit, this one really grows on you, with the twinkling melodies that are peppered into the first half turning into a full-fledged cornucopia of sound. Makes for a beautiful tune, one you can truly ride into the sunset.

Ram Drum & Bass Annual 2015 also features material from Wilkinson, Rene LaVice, Mind Vortex, Teddy Killerz, Delta Heavy, and a mix of the entire compilation by Frankee. Pre-orders are now available.

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