If you haven't heard of Lion Babe yet, you should get familiar with the name. Comprised of producer Lucas Goodman and vocalist Jillian Hervey (Vanessa Williams’s daughter), the New York City duo is like AlunaGeorge (another producer/vocalist duo) meets Erykah Badu or Macy Gray. Although they released a song or back in 2012, they truly caught our attention last October when they sampled Nina Simone and collaborated with Childish Gambino on "Jump Hi" (the song's video has crept up to over 300,000 views on YouTube). What made that song stick out was the genuine funk in Hervey's delivery, something sorely missing from most singers today. 

Last week, they debuted a new song with Vogue (yep, they're already getting looks in Vogue, and we're just counting down the days until Hervey gets a Maybelline endorsement) called “Jungle Lady” that proves "Jump Hi" was no fluke. However, unlike their previous effort, "Jungle Lady' is a slow-tempo, winding record that's both sweet and seductive. You can peep the song below.

Lion Babe' debut EP hits iTunes on Dec. 15, and best believe we'll be listening and watching.