Killer Mike continues to be a powerful voice within hip-hop when many (not just his, or J. Cole's) are sorely needed. Following his emotional onstage speech in the hours after the grand jury announcement to not indict Darren Wilson in the murder of Mike Brown, he spoke to CNN's Brooke Baldwin to expand his thoughts.

During the two part interview (part one is above—you can view part two below), he touched on multiple angles of the "Ferguson issue." Baldwin questioned him on how personally dealt with the grand jury decision (his stories involving his wife and his children are touching and insightful), as well as Obama's response (or lack thereof) and the St. Louis Rams' "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" pregame protest. Mike, whose father was a black cop, gave succinct and well-reasoned answers to all of Baldwin's questions, carefully responding to each one with a heavy heart and a measured mind. 

Be sure to watch both parts, and if you haven't yet, please read Killer Mike's column in USA Today on how courts are using rap lyrics to prosecute people. Killer Mike is an open-minded, reasonable, thoughtful man, and his words need to be heard. His voice, and those of any other hip-hop artists who choose to speak out, is important. Let's hope that other prominent artists and individuals step up too.