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Crazy to see the last few weeks of 2014 presenting so much good news for some of our favorite producers. Kaytranada's had a stellar year, including signing with XL Recordings and producing tracks for Mobb Deep. While the official circumstances behind it haven't revealed, news has dropped that Kaytranada will have a new monthly show on BBC Radio 1.

I guess as well.... the secret is out .... @KAYTRANADA does in fact have his own BBC Radio show coming at y'all once a month in 2015.

— WILL ROBILLARD COLE (@wrcMGMT) December 8, 2014

Once a month on Radio 1? Sounds similar to the gigs that James Blake and other DJs have had for the BBC Radio 1 Residency. Kaytranada has great taste in music, which was on display during a recent Mixmag live set, so we have no doubt that he'll be bringing the best and brightest to his show. We'll keep you posted on this when more information becomes available, but for now, peep Kaytra's T.I. remix.