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It was only a few weeks ago that my mind was blown into bits all over DAD HQ by "Midnight," the first single from Joker's forthcoming album The Mainframe. I'm a sucker for fuzzy purple everything with such an unforgettable melody. It really was my anthem for a weekend. The single's out now (as is the video, which you can check out below), so of course a fucking Rustie remix of "Midnight" is uploaded to the Kapsize YouTube page today. Rustie really gets musical on this one, using the original "Midnight" as a base to really flourish and expand upon. Rising melodies atop melodies abound, making this bit feel even more triumphant that it already is. No word as of right now regarding when the world can get their mittens on this remix, but my word. Proper sensual turn up vibes.

UPDATE Looks like this is a part of the Midnight EP, which is available on iTunes and also features remixes from Bassnectar and Picard Brothers.