The airport continues to be the—if not the most—stressful place in the world for any human to be. Newark Airport, in particular, is an unfortunate New Jersey landfill masquerading as a transportation hub, but that's where Jeremih found himself today. As Pei-Sze Cheng of NBC News reported earlier, the "Don't Tell 'Em" singer was arrested at the gate after apparently missing his flight. 

No further eyewitnesses have stepped forward (meaning there's no online photographic or video evidence of what happened) so far, but one can only imagine the scene. Missing a flight only compounds the general suckiness of being at the airport (you're only there for one reason!), so this writer can empathize with Jeremih's circumstance. A-Trak of travel website Infinite Legroom certainly did:

Whatever Jeremih did to catch charges though, can't be condoned.

This comes a month after Jeremih reportedly caused $700 in damage to a Fuddruckers in Billings, Montana.

Let's try to get a lesson out of all of this though. Remember folks: Get to the airport AT LEAST an hour in advance for domestic flights, and two hours in advance for international flights. 

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Jeremih and a friend were actually able to pry open the taxied airplane's door and scurry in before security stopped them. Unfortunately for Jeremih, that's illegal. His friend was charged with defiant trespassing for getting on the plane after the fact—Jeremih was stopped before boarding. 

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