Girls who sent death threats to the “That’s Me Right There” singer when she dated Bieber are about to be so steamed: She’s blowing up, whether they like it or not.

She looks innocent but don’t fall for it—Jasmine V (née Jasmine Villegas) is a seasoned player, despite having just turned 21. In the entertainment biz since she was 11, Jasmine’s been managed by Dame Dash, put out an album, and done stadium tours opening up for her then-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Now she’s about to break out on her own. Her major label debut single, “That’s Me Right There” (featuring Kendrick Lamar), has already charted. And oh, yeah: She’s newly single. Meet the world’s next major Girl Next Door.

You’re originally from the Bay Area, right? 
Until I was 11. That’s when I moved to L.A. I was traveling back and forth from San Jose to L.A. when I was about 9 or 10, for acting and modeling.

What city do you ride for more? The Bay or L.A.? 
I love L.A. because it’s my home now, but I’m always gonna pick the Bay Area. It’s where I was born; my family’s out there. That’s always gonna be my first pick.

Do you have a favorite Bay Area rapper?
I used to love listening to Too $hort because my little brother used to do a dance to “Blow the Whistle” all the time. 

How do you feel about Lil B?
Does he have a song called “Ellen DeGeneres”?

I never listened to his music, though he has to be doing something right. But I used to love The Pack! 

When you starred in Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video, did you realize what was about to happen, as far as your exposure to the world? 
When I met him, I didn’t know he made his own music. I had only seen him on YouTube when he did his covers. I had no idea that this video was going to get over a billion views.

And then you started dating him. His fans are complete psychos, right? 
Being on tour with him, I got a lot of middle fingers while I was performing. I got death threat videos. I learned to laugh it off. 

Did you see Bieber back then and think, “This guy’s gonna be patronizing Brazilian brothels in a few years”?
I definitely knew he wouldn’t stay the same innocent boy with the bowl cut and bangs. But I also didn’t think I was gonna stay the same curly-haired girl wearing Baby Phat and sweatsuits, either.

Are you dating anyone right now?
I just got out of a relationship a few months ago. I’m single now and I‘m enjoying it, actually. [Laughs.]

What do you look for in a guy? 
I want them to fear God.

Well, I want a guy to believe in God and be a man of his word. I want him to have his own life. I’ve dated people who didn’t have that life outside of me, and that can crumble things. I don’t wanna be somebody’s everything. When you leave, they have nothing. And you have that burden of taking away everything, even if you’re unhappy in a relationship. 

Your first major label single features Kendrick Lamar. What was your experience working with him?
I met up with him at the studio, and he asked me what approach I wanted from him on the record. I told him, “Listen, you do whatever you want. You do Kendrick. You can burp on my song and I’d probably put it out there.”

On one of your new tracks, “Play With Fire,” the key line is: “I’m a good girl, but I like to play with fire.” Explain.
You’re a good girl, but you still like messing with things that aren’t good for you. Things that you can’t have, mostly, but that you want. 

Is there anything you can’t have but you want?
I’ve yet to find a guy who has his own stuff going on, who doesn’t need a girl because he’s got himself.

So the recurring theme here is: You don’t date scrubs.

And right now you’ve only had scrubs. With the exception of Justin Bieber.
[Laughs.] He’s definitely not a scrub.

This article appears in Complex's December 2014/January 2015 issue.