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Ed Sheeran found himself in the middle of the Internet joke machine last week when he was photographed with a huge, and borderline creepy smile on his face during the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In fairness to Ed, he was around a number of stunning models, so it makes sense that he would be happy. This morning though, Ed shared his side of the story, and he explained that Ariana Grande made him laugh during the segment, which led to the massive grin on his face that set the Internet on fire.

"Basically there were all these big inflatable bouncy black balls that are bouncing around in the crowd on the finale bit. Ariana Grande comes up and stands up next to me and just looks at me and goes, 'I love big black balls.' In my head I was like, 'If she knows what that means then I love her, and if she doesn't know what that means, it's even better!"

With that back story adding some context to the situation, it's no surprise that Ed was losing it on stage, though, either way, he had a reason to put on a smile.