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It sucks that 2014 saw the continued push for the footwork/juke/160BPM sound in the scene... as it's also the year that we lost DJ Rashad. Tim and Barry's I'm Tryna Tell Ya documentary put a lot of that footwork love and my feelings about what Rashad means right now back in the front of my brain, and it's been great to see shit like DJ Rashad's "Beat This" segment, but this 35-minute clip trumps everything. This is a special 30+ minute edition of "Beat This," featuring Rashad, DJ Spinn, and Manny working on a track together. It's dope because you see so many tunes that these guys worked on together, and while I imagine a lot of them weren't done on some proper tag team shit like this, who knows. It's ill to see them literally tagging out and jumping in on what their homey made. The icing on the cake is DJ Rashad's commentary, walking us through the session. Best shit you'll watch today.