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Here's a blast from the recent past. Denzel Curry is reaching back to a track off of 2013's acclaimed Nostalgic 64 mixtape for his latest music video. Directed by Jeremy Wirth and Dan Ruth, "Zone 3" sees Curry take us back to his hometown block for a day with the homies. But instead of a quiet day out, Curry gets caught up running all over Miami-Dade County in "Zone 3," getting chased by cops IRL and in a Grand Theft Auto-style animated world.

The visual of an unarmed black man fleeing heavily white armed policemen is, as you can imagine, a very relevant scene to depict right now. Curry references Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown directly too, showing images Ferguson and protests around the country. Here's what he told Fader about "Zone 3":

"It's about unity, I want Carol City to unite, I want humans to unite, it doesn't matter where we're from as long as everyone stands together. The enemy is not our own, we're in all in the same struggle."