For the last two years, we've been saying that the 160BPM realm is indeed the future. Today, it looks like that future is now. After the recently-released 160 compilation from Seclusiasis, it looks like they're keeping that vibe alive with their next release, the Roland Is My Co-Pilot EP from Darren Keen, a Nebraska native and self-proclaimed "one man beat wizard." He is an alumni of the aforementioned 160 compilation, and has sorted out a beastly four-track EP. He's bee on the radar for a minute, and his split release with Machine Girl (which we featured back in September) caught the Seclusiasis camp's ear, leading us to now.

His DAD Mix, which introduces us to the "Footworkers Union Local 1482," is a great look at this EP–two first and last tracks are from Roland Is My Co-Pilot, book-ending this 32-minute roll out of bassy footwork fierceness. This isn't a mix to sleep on, and one that'll satiate the 160BPM hunger that we know a number of you androids are walking around with.

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Darren Keen - Frank Herbert Blues
Bass Taco - Flip My Chips
BSN Posse - Costa Del Sol
Different Sleep - Hard 2 Face Reality
Desto - Bonus Cave
Jo Def - Static Juke
J(ay)A.D. - Chick'z N Drug'z
Raumskaya - Keep Out
Darren Keen - I Don't Believe You Heard Me
DJ Earl (ft. Heavee) - Kush
Lux Familiar - Everything
Lil Texas - Off the Chain
Crypticz - Stutter
Hasegawa-4200 - Gwick pt. 3
Africa Hi-Tech - Foot Step
J(ay)A.D. - Boo
Peshay - Vocal Tune
Azupubschool - Meg
Darren Keen - Walk The Water