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Just in case you forgot, Paris is still one of the hottest dance music spots in the world. Not that anyone around around here was saying otherwise, especially with artists like L’homme aux 4 Lettres and the Point Point collective spreading their sounds and style across Soundcloud and clubs around the world. To get you up to speed, Point Point is a four-man collective consisting of Alesia's Nömak and Devoted to God, Aazar, and L’homme aux 4 lettres. The group’s musical style is expressive and complex yet intimate and direct; it’s a perfect fusion of club music. Expansive in style and with little limitations, these guys know what they are doing when it comes to bringing a flair to the club soundtrack.

Now L’homme aux 4 Lettres is one of the guys in the group who has thus far proven himself to be a truly exciting artist. His tracks explode on a dance floor and send even the most cynical of punters into a tizzy. A large part of his soundcloud is downloadable and yet it hasn’t been enough for us. That’s why today we’ve got a new DAD Mix from the man himself. It’s a tiny bit shorter then some of the others, but it’s a crazy one with all the twinkles, bells, and bass you could ever want.

Keep in touch with L'homme aux 4 Lettres: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook


01- L’homme aux 4 lettres - Erogene
w/- Trippy Turtle - Poison
02- Chris Brown - Loyal
03- Nadus - Nxwxrk
04- Alizz - Collapse
05- Point Point - doubleOreo (San Holo Remix)
06- Nömak and L’homme aux 4 lettres - Horsequake
07- Dj Snake - Turn Down For What (New Jersey Vision)
08- Aazar - Rundat (L’homme aux 4 lettres Remix)
09- 813 - Party Diving
10- id - id
11- Yung Wall Street - Onesie
12- Basenji - Heirloom
13- R-ash - I own u (Vices Remix)
14- Baby Bash - Suga Suga (Point Point Remix)
15- Nömak - Backstage hoe