Ed. Note: This category is for the best original track that the Jersey club scene experienced this year. The tracks that were considered for this award are as of a result of the opinions of arghtee (CLUBJERSEY Founder) and people who were on our panel. People on the panel put forward their thoughts on who they thought should be considered for an award, but the final decision, and the article write up, was by arghtee.

Pre-word: The diversity of the tracks on this list just lend to how strong the Jersey club scene is at the moment. All of the tracks could each represent a sub-genre that the scene has, from Trippy Turtle and his sophisticated style of club music, to Lil Man and the dance he has all of Newark (and Jersey) memorizing and dancing along to.

In many cases these tracks only became so prominent due to social media sharing and strong video plays. Either in the form of an official polished video, or fans actively recording themselves (the latter being the most effective).