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BLKCCK is letting the music speak for them. Seriously: there's nothing else out there about who they are or what their deal is. Do Androids Dance? premiered BLKCCK's first release after combing through submissions emails, and we were encouraged by their fresh bounce and underlining pop sensibilities. These mysterious musical superheroes from L.A. and London (that's literally all we know about BLKCCK right now) are back today with another crunchy pop anthem.

Recruiting Daye Jack to handle the vocals, Jack's slurred drawl and carefree tone float well over "IDGAF"'s crunchy loosey-goosie synths. Chanting "I just don't give a fuck/I just don't care" may be a taboo pop hook, but Jack's melodic voice makes you really believe that he won't be donating any fucks to charity this holiday season. Sometimes authenticity wins out over any contextualized notions of originality, and in the case of "IDGAF," the verdict is clear: BLKCCK is keeping it real on their second release. Daye Jack is certainly v with the message.

*a popular item. often given as a sign of acknowledgement.* What is a fuck? Things I don't give for 800 pls

— Daye Jack (@DayeJack_) December 8, 2014

Stream "IDGAF" below.