Just the other day, Figgy dropped a euphoric reworking of Beyonce's "7/11," but this Christmas has given us another remix that might end up trumping it in hype. Diplo & Skrillex are less than a week away from taking over Madison Square Garden for New Years Eve (which WILL be live-streamed via Yahoo Screen), and they decided to give us a lil' something for Christmas in the form of their huge remix of "7/11." We've heard previews of this one, and it's humungous—there's always something about Beyonce's vocals over a fire beat that can get anyone open. On the real, this one is turn up flavor on its own, but adding Beyonce's clapping/spinning with her hands up lines to the mix? One of those tracks that will turn a crowd of thousands into a sea of hands swaying, swinging, slapping, and altogether causing a digit riot right there in the arena. Pure nastiness that's guaranteed to murder a dancefloor.