Album: 1000 Forms of Fear
Producer: Greg Kurstin, Jesse Shatkin
Label: RCA Records

Sia's written hit songs for everyone from Rihanna ("Diamonds") to Beyonce ("Pretty Hurts"). Occasionally, she keeps some of the good stuff for herself, and "Chandelier" is one of those. The song is about a depressed party girl, stuck in a cycle of wasted nights, fake friends, and rough mornings. It's not quite the message song that "Pretty Hurts" is, but it's got a weight to it that's felt in the quiet of the verses. At the chorus, Sia basically straps on the rocket launchers and sends both her voice and her party girl soaring to the ceiling. It's a confusing moment of sad triumph as the party girl clutches to the chandelier and swings above the crowd with her eyes closed, hoping that no one can make out her lows when she's that high. —Christine Werthman