Album: Money Making Mitch
Producer: Ben Billions, Lu Diaz, Lunch Money
Label: Bad Boy Records

We're two weeks away from 2015. In a perfect world, we would have been blessed with Puff Daddy's MMM album by now. In an even more flawless universe, it'd be a Puffy (which has resumed its rightful place as reigning Sean Combs moniker) solo in name only, and more of a thinly veiled collaboration LP from the lowkey Triumvirate of Luxe Trap, Sir Combs and his latest ghostwriting co-conspirators (genuinely no shade), Rick Ross (self-proclaimed Hood Billionaire and thus worthy of luxurious association) and French Kardashian Montana. After a slew of magnificent, sophisticated ignorance guest verses, Sean officially recruited his muse Rozay (on both pen and guest duties) for the formal introduction of Trap Puff. With some flavorful French “haans” peppered throughout, Puffy Combs ages gracefully before our eyes. Old? Sure, but that just makes you his son, so pay homage, fuccboi. Imagine an album full of MMG-penned bombastic tough talk, word to the equally enjoyable “I Want the Love.” MMM could've been the best Michael Bay movie since Bad Boys 2. Alas, you all fronted and there's no release date in sight. Diddy deserved better. —Frazier Tharpe