It's been a minute since I've heard new material from Atlantic Connection. Back in July, he opened up the archives and was giving away some of his fire from years past. It's an exercise I see often: new producers let go of their previous material before embarking on the next chapter. AC's forthcoming opus, Human, is less than a month away, and today he let us present the sampler for this album, featuring four tracks that highlight what he's been working on. In a few words, it's awesome.

This is only four tracks, but judging by these four cuts, you get a great idea of the work he's putting in. From the pulsating, lyrical bomb "Gepetto" through the bright electronic funk of "Speakeasy," you get to see that his sound is much more than the drum & bass or trap-y soul he's provided. There's soul throughout, but it moves at a number of different tempos. "Cryogenic" moves at a juke-ish pace, all skittering drums and drunken stabs, while "Ina Dem" is a full-on booming cut with junglistic accents. Human feels like the sum of all of Atlantic Connection's parts, dialed up and mashed together. Truly awe-inspiring work... hell, it could be his most fully-realized project to date.

Stream the clips below, and trust when I say that AC's on to something. He's also putting this out himself, with the digital release set for January 19, 2015 on iTunes, Beatport, and any digital retailer worth their weight in serverspace.