Chicago rapper XVRHLDY debuts his new track "Black Alabaster" featuring Saba and NoName Gypsy today, produced by Odd Couple. "Black Alabaster" shows that all three of these up-and-coming rappers have incredible skills and high intellect as XVRHLDY spits about the scary likelihood that black people will either end up dead or in jail, rapping so quickly you have to run it back a few times just to keep up. Saba details the inequality in Chicago's inner cities, spazzing on the mic at the end of his verse like a young DMX​. NoName Gypsy closes out the track staying with the same theme, using comedy to drill the point home even further. "Every nigga on the scene wanna be Kermit/Like nigga let me sip my tea, smoke my weed, write my songs," she spits. 

"Black Alabaster" is the first single off of the Need To Know II: LUNA EP, which is due out in February. The upcoming EP will feature contributions from Joey Purp, Stunt BaylorSupa Bwe, legendary producer Pete Rock and more.