Premiere: Watch Wara From the NBHD's “Raw” Video f/ GrandeMarshall

The Atlanta-based rapper/producer teams up with Fool's Gold artist GrandeMarshall.


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Last August, Wara From the NBHD debuted his project, Kidnapped, right here on Complex. Over the next two months, he spent a lot of time in and around NYC for a handful of CMJ shows and the Pigeons & Planes showcase "No Ceilings." While he was here, he headed to the North Bronx to film a new video for "Raw," his single that landed him a top 15 placement on Billboard's Emerging Artists chart alongside GrandeMarshall.

“The beat makes you feel like something sneaky’s going on, some criminal activity,” Wara says. It all plays up to the next video for “Slangin,” too. “’Raw’ shows what happens the night before, while ‘Slangin’ will show what transpires the next day.” Stay tuned for more from Wara and if you haven't yet, stream his album in full right here

Read Pigeons & Planes extensive interview with him right here.

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