We've always known that Lil Wayne is a great rapper, but a new book takes that claim to another level. Written by University of Virginia Professor Kreston Kent, The Literary Genius of Lil Wayne: The case for Lil Wayne to be counted among Shakespeare and Dylan sets out to prove that Lil Wayne is literally the best rapper alive.

According to the synopsis on Amazon, Kent compares Wayne's lyrics to the lyrics of Drake, Rick Ross, Nas, and Eminem, demonstrating that Wayne is "far superior as a lyricist." The author, who happened to take a political science course with Lil Wayne at the University of Houston, only uses songs from 2007 onwards to illustrate Wayne's genius, which is kind of absurd considering Tha Carter, Tha Carter II, and Like Father, Like Son all came out prior to 2007. 

Despite the absence of some of Wayne's finest work, it seems like Kent is an avid fan of Weezy. He even refers to himself as "an exact contemporary of Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr." on his personal website

On Amazon, one reviewer even states that Kent's love for Wayne is palpable. "Written with such creativeness and clear sheer love for Lil Wayne, Kreston Kent shows and describes just what it means to be a true fan of such artists like Lil Wayne, Bob Dylan and William Shakespeare. After you read this book, you simply cannot disagree with the title of it," they wrote.

You can purchase "The Literary Genius of Lil Wayne," which is only 46 pages, on iTunes or on Amazon for $6.99.