Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey, aka The D.O.T, have just released a two-part video that tracks the journey of their influences from Jamaica to England using honey as a striking visual metaphor, as we see its full journey from a bee hive in Jamaica all the way to Mike's local post office in England. It is worth mentioning that this isn't the only narrative within the video(s). The other is a celebration of Jamaican culture and that its reputation for being a vibrant hub of creativity and partying, as demonstrated by the bashment free-for-all of the second half. 

Skinner, whose influences are clearly wide and varied, has always held the Caribbean island in high regard. His production partner, Rob Harvey, had this to say on Mike and his connection to Jamaica: "During the planning of Tonga with Murkage, Mike realised he was hanging round some really connected Jamaicans and perhaps this was the time to tie it up into something that could be justified as work. So the day after the first Tonga night, Mike, Murkage Dave and Murkage Gaika flew out to the island of green, yellow and black. The experience was so good that they are already talking about going back but this time to shoot a feature."