TDE President, Terrence “Punch” Henderson is back with his last song titled “My Darling Nicki (interlude),” which features Punch cutting through an airy composition to deliver coercive lyrics in ode to his “ride or die” chick. Like he says, "It’s punch drunk love, intoxicated, hypnotized for your deadly fragrance.” 

With this song being Punch's fifth song in under six months, all tagged in Soundcloud with #myprojectwindow, it's starting to look like Punch is gearing up to drop a full length project. This song serves as an "interlude" and he recently dropped a song called "Prelude," which suggests he's not just dropping random songs. 

To be honest, it's surprising that Punch even has time to record. With Kendrick Lamar set to release his next album in the coming months, and Jay Rock releasing new material, we can only imagine Punch has been consumed by his executive duties. 

Listen to the new song below and find the rest on his Soundcloud here.