Few things are as dope as a consistent mix series. Ta-Ku’s "Drive Slow, Homie" series might be the pinnacle of that right now. Just this week the Aussie delivered the fourth installment of his series via Hypetrak. As you might imagine from the title, Ta-Ku’s DSH series is always a collection of tracks, both chill and not, that makes you want to drive slow. Whether it’s a banger and you want to make your trunk rattle just a little bit more to get your homie’s attention or it’s that chillness that soothes the mind and spirit, the DSH series is skillfully curated and is always worth your time. When Ta-Ku delivered the mix, he included a simple note:

"The return of the DSH series has arrived. Nothing's changed. Still all about those songs that make you want to circle the block a few more times before getting out. Thanks for all the love and support"

No matter what you choose to do, stream it or download it, the imperative here is that you actually do it and then ride out. Don’t sleep, just drive slow homie.


oriLUN - Tekojtrapkomo
Breezy Lovejoy - Play Your Part
BMB - All What You Want
Fortune - Grind
Untitled (Competition Winner)
Jeftuz - Janet
Louis Futon - Six Ten
Mr Carmack - Throw Your Chains Off
Khadisma - TWYB
Scientific - Sure Thing
B.Lewis - Days in the West
Salute - Rock The Boat
R.O.M - Beautiful
Fwdslxsh + Kource Edit - 2on
? - Easier Said Than Done
Ticklish - Rescue Me
Falcxne - First Time