When Vybz Kartel was sentenced to life in prison last April, the dance-hall community was dealt a powerful shock. One of the genre's most influential artists had been swept away (with the possibility of parole in 2049). But Vybz Kartel's imprisonment doesn't only affect​ his fans and lovers of dance hall—his personal lover has needs too. Spice, Kartel's long-time girlfriend, had her man taken away from her daily life. Kartel isn't eligible to be released from jail until he's 73 years old. What's Spice to do? 

As seen in the video for "Conjugal Visit" above, waking up next to an empty set of sheets can be rough. A simple conjugal visit can mean everything to Spice—it's what makes those lonely mornings less hurtful. Spice longs for Kartel's love and physicality throughout "Conjugal Visit."  Her sexual appetite is loud and direct in the song's hook: "I want to fuck you like you own me." Spice is so declarative and passionate about getting hers at Kartel's jail that you can't help but to root for her and Kartel. She needs sex, and she needs it badly. Watch Spice pursue hers in "Conjugal Visit."