Shawty Pimp is somewhat of a forgotten Memphis, Tennessee hip-hop legend. You won't find much about him on the blogs, but his music was essential to Southern rap culture in the mid '90s, and his 1995 debut album, Comin' Real Wit It, is an extremely rare find—until now. 

Delroy Edwards' record label, L.A. Club Resource, has remastered Comin' Real Wit It, which features Reddog on every song. The album's eight tracks are lo-fi and gritty, but that only adds color to Shawty Pimp's soft voice.

The label is selling Comin' Real Wit It on iTunes as well as in Edwards' L.A. store, Gene's Liquor, where you can find rap releases from Mobo Records and other Memphis rap tapes. You can stream the album in full below.