In what we'd say is just the realization of the last few years of RiFF RAFF's career, Billboard is reporting that RiFF RAFF has officially switched management, joining Thomas Jack and Kygo over at Golden Hare Management Group. Considering that he's been signed with Diplo's Mad Decent imprint since the summer of 2012, and has worked with everyone from Skrillex to Flux Pavilion, and we've seen Waka Flocka, Heroes x Villains, and others blend the worlds of hip-hop and dance music like no other, many would say that the move for him to focus more on the EDM realm is the most logical for RiFF.

His aim? To "be the EDM Justin Bieber." And truth be told, RiFF RAFF drops some solid reasoning for this official shift:

"I never claimed to be a gangster rapper or a hip-hop artist. I think that's where people get confused and question my style, which they have never seen. The reality is that I'm the first and only EDM rapper to ever exist. I'm not a cross over artist, I wasn't a pop artist at first or in a gang, and I was never in a group, I'm the first and only EDM rapper of all time. I wear neon swim trunks and muscle shirts and have neon magenta colored hair, and have over 1.3 million dollars in real diamonds and I stay away from the haters. How could anyone confuse me for a hip-hop artist?"

He does have a point, even though he did just drop a remix of O.T. Genasis' "CoCo." Maybe he's just in love with the, ahem, aroma. And now while I won't say that I'd ever considered RiFF "a gangster rapper or a hip-hop artist," it can be confusing when I've seen him rise from being a rapper from Texas to being around Soulja Boy, signing with SODMG. In all honesty, it feels like these last two years have helped RiFF RAFF realized what he was doing and where he fit in the grand scheme of things, and with his style and sound getting way more love with the EDM crowd, why not just capitalize on that wave and go head first?