Today are the midterm elections, if you don't already know. And if you're not out there at this very moment in your local ballot box making it count, your favorite rappers Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan encourage you to throw your V's up and vote. Yesterday, Rock the Vote held a free concert with the two young artists in Atlanta, for which about 4,000 people showed up. "We are thrilled to be working with these two distinctive artists who represent the future of hip-hop," says Audrey Gelman, spokesperson for Rock the Vote. "Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan have a deep connection to an audience that is all too often left out of the political process."

The message is clear. Take it from Rich Homie: "I don't care who you're voting for, just make sure you get your vote in." We caught up with the Rich Gang pair briefly to get their insights on why they're getting involved, what to say to young people who lack political efficacy, and what they would do as president and vice president of the United States.

What happened today?
Quan: I registered to vote! I wasn’t registered until today. I know now my vote will count.

Thug: Basically we came out, had a cheers with the people. No beer. Only juice. Came out to the Tabernacle. Had an amazing voting sensation. We came out, had fun. Registered! We plan on voting for the rest of our lives. It’s fun for people my age. I dedicate this to everyone who ever wanted to, to start doing it. Because you’re never too rich or too big to do it.

There seems to be a lot of people in our generation who don't care about politics, or they don't think that voting will directly affect their lives. Why is it important to vote?
Quan: Man, it's very important. If you feel a certain type of way. You can vote. That’s how you can get your point across. It’s another way of being heard.

The city of Atlanta obviously has a rich history of political activism and civil rights movements. Does having grown up in Atlanta have much to do with you're participating today?
Quan: It’s a part of where I come from. I don’t want my kids or my kids’ kids to have to go through the same stuff we went through, as far as education, lack of books, lack of health insurance. I want there to be health insurance for all.

Don’t care what them white folks say I just want to see my lil boy go to school, be a man. And sign up for college boy. Don’t be a fool, be a man. What you think that knowledge for? –Rich Homie Quan on Rich Gang’s “Freestyle”

Have you voted before?
Thug: Yes. I voted when Obama first got elected. I felt like it was very important at the time. I did slack up a little, but I’m back at it now.

Campaign made a million profited like I’m Obama. –Rich Homie Quan on Rich Gang’s “Milk Marie”

How do you feel that our current president has managed the country for the past six years?
Thug: Amazing. Better than anybody in the world—besides Bill Clinton. I wish Obama could be president a hundred more years. Just because of how much he held down. He had to hold down a lot.

She got that come back. She got that hump jump. She got that Bill Clinton. –Young Thug on Gucci Mane's "Punchanella"

Do you think we'll ever have a female president?
Thug: Yes. I feel like ladies are more important than anything in the world. So, I really think that there will be a female president one day. Hope for today. But, some day.

If Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug were to run for presidential office in 2016 and win the election, what would be the first thing they would do once their term started?
Thug: The first thing would be changing some of the rules—law rules, on the cop side. Some of the racist rules on the black, and white side.

Baby I’m the president, I ball like George Jefferson. Young Thug on Gucci Mane’s “Intro”

Thugger and Quan are clearly doing a lot of shit for you to live the lifestyle of an American citizen who exercises the right to vote. Now it's time for you to go do your part, so get out there and make your voice heard.

Alex Russell is a writer living in New York. Write him in for your state's gubernatorial race today @alexrussellglo.