Prince's short stint on social media appears to be over as the legendary artist has deleted both of his accounts from Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, Prince removed all of his videos and music from YouTube other than a few performances. It's not uncommon for Prince's music to be taken off of YouTube, as his label does it often, but it's worth noting that his music is still featured on streaming sites right now. The reasoning behind this move is not known at right now, and according to NME, Prince's spokesperson declined to comment when asked about the situation.

If you remember, when Prince originally joined Facebook, he put his trolling hat on for a Q&A session where he only ended up answering one question from the fans, and really didn't even do that, but rather posted a link to his thoughts on sound frequencies. The timing of this move does seem strange, seeing how Prince just released two albums in September, but hey, this is the same guy who once changed his name to merely a symbol, so nothing is really shocking.

[via Pigeons & Planes]

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