There's a certain energy between artists who just get each other. For Sleigh Bells and Tink, the music has taken care of itself, and the video for "That Did It" only furthers their connection.

"That Did It" takes Tink's ferocity and stunting-ain't-a-problem attitude and throws it up against Sleigh Bells' abundance of pure pop energy. The best part? It sticks. Alexis Krauss detailed exactly how the collaboration came about, and from her story, it's clear that these combating styles were always going to work out. 

“Tink and I met at a Red Bull Sound Select show during last year's SXSW. I was so impressed by her talent and her ability to captivate a crowd. I invited her onstage to perform "Kids" with me, and we had an absolute blast dancing and singing together. Fast forward a few months and we found ourselves in the studio working on a discarded Sleigh Bells track that, after a few hours, magically morphed into "That Did It."  The studio experience was so positive, and we were so thrilled with the track, that we decided to move forward and make a video.

The video for "That Did It," directed by Grant Singer, matches the playfulness of the song. Beyond that, the bubble-gum colored video shows off just how hard Alexis Krauss and Tink fuck with each other. They move with each other, groove with each other, and even finish each other's lyrics. Just look at these two slay.