Everyone's favourite walking Burberry advert, DJ Milktray is back with a new EP for Astral Black. Taking a break from the 8-bar edits he made his name with, Milktray's new All Because The Lady Loves set delves into the realms of R&B, though he adds more than a little of his own off-kilter approach into the mix. Opening track "Hotel" sees Milktray chewing up the kind of laid-back acoustic R&B that seemed to completely oversaturate the music world in the late '90s and early 2000s, and turning it into something instantly more loveable.

Those vibes continue into the next track, "L'Hommes94", although he breaks down the structure and melodies even more until the track is left just shy of being glitchy. On "Lil' Bit"—which, like "Hotel", has seen a lot of love in the grime scene—Milktray chops and blends 50 Cent's "Lil Bit" into a grinding epic with more sub than the rest of the EP put together. The EP is then rounded off with "Genie Riddim", a melody-driven jaunt that could almost have been written by Four Tet.

Premiering on Complex today is the full EP stream (down below), and if you're lucky enough, you can grab the EP of which only 300 copies were pressed on limited edition vinyl. DJ Milktray and the Astral Black crew will also be holding a party in Glasgow this Friday, with special guests including Skepta and DJ Maximum from Boy Better Know. For more information on that, head here.

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