Maybe I'm weird. Or maybe I'm just living in the wrong area. Even in a state like Jersey, which is thick with heads who love hip-hop as much as they love dance music (just ask producers like Nadus or Just Blaze), it's hard for me to blast something like "Bonita," the A Tribe Called Quest-flipping lead track from oriJanus' Soulection White Label release. And no matter how many times we or many of our favorite taste-making DJs tell you, the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music intertwine so crazily. All three tracks on this release show how easy it is for Bakersfield, California's oriJanus to reinterpret material made famous by Tribe, Digable Planets, and classic house staples that were adopted by the hip-hop scene like "Hot Music." This works well enough for the heads who want to float in that gray area, with a cocktail in hand, cool, grown and sexy.