If for the last year you've successfully avoided the nu disco revolution, now is the time you should be paying attention to Washington, DC's Eau Claire, a producer that is now beginning to surface to the top of the indie heap. Mixing a refreshing blend of melody, inherent musicality and classic vibes, her sound meets a grooving, progressed, and wholly funky "post-EDM" expectation. Detroit-born emcee Mike Posner's 2010 top 10 Billboard hit "Cooler Than Me" likely minimally shares in common with DJ Mehdi's "Pocket Piano" the fact that both tracks may have been held in high esteem by someone like A-Trak. However, from the mind and fingers of Eau Claire comes her take on the rap/pop hit, a dynamic piano house-meets-steamy bassline electro-funk banger. A party cut with classic style and modernized verve, Eau Claire's a one-time pianist who's one year in and starting the process of refining her inspirations and defining her sound.