Yesterday afternoon must have been a slow one for Diplo, as he took the time on Twitter to suggest that someone start a Kickstarter to, and we quote, "get Taylor Swift a booty." Of course, this excited some of his minions, one of which started an actual Kickstarter campaign.

Get Taylor Swift A Booty

— BABY DADDY (@diplo) November 12, 2014

But, Lorde, friend of Swift, had enough of the bullshit and effortlessly called out Diplo on Twitter with one simple, yet effective, tweet:

@diplo should we do something about your tiny penis while we're at it hm

— Lorde (@lordemusic) November 13, 2014

It's worth noting that Diplo and Katy Perry have been on and off again all year, and that Swift and Perry have had some very subliminal beef this year (Swift's "Bad Blood" is a perfect example of such). Either way, Swift probably couldn't give less of a fuck as she raked in 402,000 second week sales and is still sitting pretty at the top of the Billboard charts. Here's to hoping Lorde's tweet makes Swift's next album.