Maybe I just love seeing the full tales of the producers that I fall in love with. It's one thing to see pictures of Daft Punk without their iconic helmets, but its another thing entirely to see someone like Lido, who's blown up as a producer/remixer over the last few years in his previous incarnation, LidoLido, a "good hip-hop" MC that was signed to Universal Music Norway not that long ago.

That's right, Lido was a rapper.

LidoLido released two albums (Pretty Girls & Grey Sweaters in 2012, Battle Poetry in 2013), The Good Guy Mixtape (which seems to have vanished from the Internets), and had solid radio hits in Norway with tracks like "Different." Word is that Pretty Girls & Grey Sweaters hit #6 on the album charts in Norway, which is nothing to sneeze at. LidoLido also opened for a number of huge touring acts, including Beyonce, Bun B, and Talib Kweli.

What's even doper is the videos that we've found on YouTube. The above performance of "Too Fly" features Cashmere Cat as his DJ, as does the 2012 performance of "Turn Up the Life," which also features a full band. We've also included the official video for his 2009 single "Go'n be Gone."

We're not sure if Lido is still rapping, or if he's trying to shy away from this part of his career. It's dope to see that an artist that's totally blown your mind as a producer is just as talented in a different aspect of making music. Check out the clips up above and down below.