Recently, there has been an influx of songs that showcase electronic and mainstream artists working together, but the concept of that happening is not something new. Throughout the '90s and early 2000s there was a type of musical collaboration happening where mainstream artists at the prime of their careers were paired with underground electronic artists in the same right–usually due to the record companies trying to reach a new market, or simply because they ended up in the same room together. Such results were tunes like Goldie teaming up with KRS-1 on “Digital,” Jamiroquai with M-Beat on “Do You Know Where You’re Coming From,” or Roni Size and Method Man on "Ghetto Celebrity," or even the entire Blade 2 soundtrack.

To drive this point home, a woman of extreme hipness known as Lady Miss Kier (yes, from Deee-Lite) posted a track on her Soundcloud–a collaboration from 1996 entitled “Set Me Free” with the one of the godfathers of acid house in the UK, A Guy Called Gerald, and it’s exactly what you would expect in a union of such. Kier’s NYC lounge-style harmonizing and Gerald’s classic jungle production makes this union perfect for your walkman or CD player (see what I did there?). Hopefully she reads this and decides to bless us with that download button for us to play it on more modern appliances.