Jeremih isn't pointing the finger at anyone but himself for not capitalizing off the hit, "Don't Tell Em," this year. "I stopped caring about being Jeremih over the past few months" the "Birthday Sex" singer said during a very candid interview with Billboard. "Don't Tell Em" smashed through the Hot 100 without a televised performance or music video this year. Though he takes full responsibility for not showing up for his video shoot, he does acknowledge some of Def Jam's faults, as well. "My label is hesitating and not being on my side, I see other artists and how they're supported," he said. "It's hard when I'm on a roster with Rihanna, Rick Ross and Kanye West."

The Chicago artist's third studio album, Late Nights: The Albumwhich he describes as "Clatchet" (a mix of classy & ratchet) has been pushed back numerous times and still doesn't have a release date. Aside from issues with Def Jam, Jeremih says he has also dealt with his fair share of personal obstacles with the mother of his child. "I have a 2-year-old son. His mom wasn't allowing me to see him, and it was messing with me," he said. "I was internally unbalanced. But I just got out of that trial and I won."  

Jeremih is now ready to take his career to the next level, and his 10 city tour with French Montana kicks off next month.

[via Billboard]

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