Not sure if Jeremih and his entourage got the memo, but Fuddruckers is a restaurant designed to promote wholesome and friendly family fun. According to TMZ, Jeremih and his crew weren't aware of this, as they reportedly caused $700 in damage to the chain restaurant in Billings, Montana.

What could possibly make someone so upset in a place like Fuddruckers, you ask? Well, according to the report, Jeremih and his crew were asked to move to another section of the restaurant after they were hitting on a cashier and she complained about it to her manager. The crew wasn't happy, and ended up grabbing a mic in the restaurant and claimed that the management was racist. 

Jeremih eventually left the restaurant, but no word as of yet if they finished the chicken fingers and cheese sticks that they ordered before tearing up the place. Police are currently investigating the incident.

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