Here in the States, we're ramping up for Thanksgiving. You know, the national holiday where families come together, talk about what they're thankful for, and eat a huge plate of delicious food stuffs. That's my favorite part; I won't say that I'm kind of starving myself for that meal, but I'm kind of starving myself for that meal. That said, one of the biggest things that happens post-Thanksgiving is people realizing they need to get on their workout dean, and what you need is proper motivational music. What better than a bass-heavy remix of Survivor's classic "Eye Of The Tiger?!"

ill-esha, a producer I've known of for years, took the time out to cook up this slower version of the track, keeping the original's melody and vocals in tact while making it undeniably hers. It's a glorious update for the bass-loving set, but the video might be the best part about it. It features White Tiger, who is a six foot thong-wearing man who is known as a staple in the EDM festival scene for going ham in nothing more than sunglasses and a thong. This clip shows ill-esha and White Tiger out in the wild, primarily highlighting how insane White Tiger is. It's a dope clip, showcasing ill-esha having fun and performing, and White Tiger on 11. Check out the clip up above, and enjoy the hell out of this.