Want to know what's going up in Korean pop music so you can impress your Starcraft-playing friends AND the next girl you hit a club with? Get on this new "Good Boy" by G-Dragon and Taeyang. Produced by G-Dragon, The Fliptones, and Freedo, "Good Boy" will instantly have your face all the way scrunched up when the drop hits. Loaded bass booms and a familiar, but unidentifiable screeching and scratching voice (you've heard it on EDM songs before) drive the drop home. It's quite impossible to not feel yourself to G-Dragon and Taeyang on this one. 

In the "Good Boy" video above, G-Dragon and Taeyang add flashy psychedellic colors and trippy camera effects to really bring out the turntness of the track. Oh, and their dancing is v on-point. As an Asian male, I'm disappointed in myself for not being able to rally my friends to choreograph a group routine to break out in the club when this comes on. G-Dragon and Taeyang are just too cool, I guess.

"Good Boy" is also available on iTunes now.