"Could" is the lead track from Elderbrook's Simmer Down EP and it's a slow-burning number with very spacious production that is all about the songwriting. The shifting visuals that rise and fall are aptly mirrored in the production, with a select few elements chosen to repeat and loop to almost hypnotic levelsfurther drawing in the viewer.

Just as director Lauren Gregory combines more and more visual elements and textures as the track progresses, so too does Elderbrook's production in a very well-balanced dichotomy between the audio and the visual. As Gregory explained prior to the video's creation: "His moves, like the music, will be repetitive and cyclical, as I will want to create many short animated loops that I'll melt into each other and layer over one another." 

"Could" is taken from Elderbrook's debut EP, Simmer Down, which will be released via Black Butter Records on November 24. Watch the arty video for it above.