This evening, I got an email blast about this DJ Snake collaboration with AlunaGeorge. Entitled "You Know You Like It," they'd not only set up a way for fans to take a selfie using DJ Snake's website and their webcam to recreate the single's cover art, but let it be known that this single (and a video) was dropping in December. I was surprised; I know you can't know everything, but it's hard to believe that a collaboration between DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge would be kept so secret...

Then I realized that I'd heard this track before. I actually wrote it up back in June of 2013, and while the doesn't say anything about this being a "new" song, they definitely didn't make mention of it being an official release of DJ Snake's previously-rinsed remix of "You Know You Like It." Not sure what the situation is at Island UK/Interscope regarding this not being released as an official remix, but they didn't even bother to push it was what it was.

Fair play to them; the remix is ace, but I'm just hate that it's not being pushed as what it is: a dope remix of a great song. It is interesting to note that the press release not only mentions the mainstream love "Turn Down For What" got, but also touts this track's six million plays on SoundCloud... never mentioning what it really is.

You can buy this track (assuming you didn't download it last summer) on December 8.