DJ Fresh is killing it with his recent string of singles. He's followed up this summer's Ellie Goulding-featured "Flashlight" with another anthemic number, "Gravity" (that's due out in February of 2015). Before we get to that single, though, we got word that The Insurgents dropped "Flashlight" into the 100BPM realm with a fresh, official remix that Fresh is said to be a fan of. Ellie's vocal is forever perfect for reworking, and with The Insurgents new take, Ellie gets to shine as a special ingredient to this bouncy number. The way she delivers her lyrics fit like a glove over this track, but it's when her vocal starts getting twisted around when this one really opens up. While there's no release date on this one, we'd say keep it in mind for your end of 2014 parties; this one's a scorcher.