After A-Trak set the tone by going in, then E.A.S.Y. destroyed "Turn Up To Death" and Craze did turntablism as a quasi-political statement with "New Slaves," it's only apropos that DJ Scene and Red Bull Thre3style champion Four Color Zack drop the free-to-download first-ever official remix of the Black Sheep's 1991 hit single "The Choice Is Yours." Given that Enferno chopped up Childish Gambino's "3005" earlier this week, let's just go all in and call this a new genre called #RealDJing.

We here at DAD hear that Dres from Black Sheep went as far as to go back into the studio and re-recorded the vocals because there was no acapella of the original, too. The track benefits from it as the iconic thick, shuffling break is broken down and reconstituted as much simpler boom bap augmented with quirky 8-bit atmospherics and twerk-style energy, too. This is a heavy-hitter in what will likely be a series of party starters accompanying scratch mechanics reclaiming controlling the wheels of steel as a foundation of a modernizing hip-hop culture, instead of being one of too many buttons to press.