If you're into movie trailers and video games and reading liner notes, you may have heard of audiomachine, a company that employs hundreds of musicians to compose these works.  Whoever sat in their offices wondering if these overlooked masterpieces could be flipped and packaged for the masses to enjoy is a forward-thinking individual, and the the execution and final audiomachine Remixed project is one that is a humongous win.  They somehow got RAC, White Sea, Cole Plante, Photek, and more than a dozen more amazing producers to contribute to one amazing remix project, and somehow convinced damn near everyone on the project to lean towards holding onto the cinematic qualities of the sampled work, and not turning this into a thirsty EDM remix project.  While you can go ahead and stream the audio on Spotify, the powers that be also shook a freebie loose from the project from none other than legendary producer / DJ John Digweed, who leaned heavily on the sampled work, but added his own flair by filled in blank spots with tasteful drum work, and doing us the favor of not forcing a floor stomper down our throats.  You can stream or snag the freebie below, and feel free to pay it forward by snagging a copy of the full album via CD Baby: