It's time to celebrate—​A$AP Ferg's Ferg Forever mixtape hosted by DJ Drama is finally here and available to stream and download. This is the first complete project we have heard from Ferg since he dropped his well-received debut album, Trap Lord, last summer, and marks his first ever Gangsta Grillz mixtape with Drama. For this project, Ferg brings his fans 19 new songs, with feature appearances from Big Sean, SZA, YG, Twista, M.I.A., Crystal Caines, and more. Production comes from the likes of Big K.R.I.T., Clams Casino, Stelios, and Childish Major. Stream and download the project below via DatPiff.

Earlier in the week, Complex caught up with A$AP Ferg, who spoke on his latest mixtape, working with SBTRKT, and finally getting a Clams Casino beat. 

As told to Edwin Ortiz (iTunesEra) and Angel Diaz (ADiaz456).

On the Ferg Forever logo:

That’s a Ferg logo. People think it says ‘Aero,’ but it’s actually my father’s old logo on the front of the mixtape cover. That’s just me continuing the legacy and taking it to the next level.

On spotlighting Crystal Caines:

She’s just a dope artist; she’s been rapping before me. And she’s my artist, so I just want to see her do her thing now. It’s time for me to start bringing up my people. Just how Rocky brought me into the picture, I want to bring some of my talented people up.

On his record "Bonnaroo":

"Bonnaroo​" was actually supposed to go on the new album. But I was like, they got to hear this shit now. MTV crowned me ‘King Bonnaroo​,’ and I be wanting to put shit out right when it happens. Unfortunately, shit don’t work out like that.

On working with Clams Casino:

When I first heard about Clams Casino, it was through all the Lil B records. And I was like, this motherfucker’s beats is fire.

Before we got signed, Rocky was like, “I got some Clams Casino beats,” but he said it mad regular. I was like, this nigga lying, or he probably just got some instrumentals off YouTube or he just looped one. [Laughs.] I figured he was bullshittin’.

When he finally let me hear the music, it was some new original Clams Casino beats, which were on his mixtape [Live. Love. ASAP]. That shit blew me away. Later, I got a chance to meet him. But ["Talk It"] was the second beat I did that was a Clams Casino beat. So I was happy I finally got my Clams Casino beat.

On branching out with SBTRKT:

I love the SBTRKT record I did. It’s so me, but it’s like the world ain’t know I can do that. They heard the HAIM record, and they heard the Ariana record, which is probably for like a whole demographic of people, which is cool. But SBTRKT was so me. It was so different. The instruments, the way he threw everything together and mixed it was dope.