Cashmere Cat must be big on reworking collaborations he does with vocalists. Back in September, he hit the Internets with his edit of Ariana Grande's "Be My Baby," and today he goes back a bit further, providing his remix of a surprise gem from over the summer, Ryn Weaver's "Octahate," which Cashmere worked on with Benny Blanco and Passion Pit‘s Michael Angelakos. As per usual, his sound dwells somewhere in the middle of the cool and the fury. There's enough pent-up electric angst build in that fury of bleeps, bottled underneath a super-chilled track. Ryn's vocals get to float angelically over this production, really highlighting what we dug about her in the first place. And as per usual, there's no download for this, but we recommend adding it to your "bae" playlist, or whatever you blast when the rain is pouring and you're curled up underneath your comforter.