Back in the late 1990s, the record player was outselling the guitar. Why? Because electronic music and the art of DJing was enticing to music lovers the world over. These budding DJs started closing the gap between music fans and DJs, and as the world of electronic music continues to grow, the number of DJs looking to share their love increases. With that shared love comes the plight of the working DJ, aka the folks who are actually filling the booths of clubs in cities across the world. Someone has to keep the crowd going, whether the headliner's a huge name or a drink special.

The working DJ's life can be so real; there are numerous pitfalls that can halt the progress of DJs trying to earn some scratch and get their name up, whether it's because they love playing music, are looking for that next plateau before they reach star status, or just found a way to make their love pay their rent. There should be a handy booklet out there, teaching DJs the ins and outs of that working DJ life, and while some of these points should be commonplace, we wanted to spell out what working DJs should be looking out for during their travels. It really should be all about fun, but if advancing your craft is your aim, staying woke should be your game.