While there has been a bit of controversy among Wu-Tang Clan members about their upcoming album, A Better Tomorrow, it appears that fans will finally get to hear the project sooner than later. During a recent interview with Billboard, RZA revealed that the group is teaming up with Boombotix, which is an electronics company that makes personal sized speakers, for a special and limited early release of the album. The plan is to pre-load a portion of the album, instrumental tracks, and a few bonus songs onto the personal speaker, which will feature a original Wu-Tang logo, and release around 3,000 of the devices before the album actually hits stores.

I had the idea pop up into my head, for a while, about music being kind of disconnected to us. Of being so digitized and accessible, but yet not tangible. I just remember how I enjoyed music, when I bought the record, or bought the CD, or bought the cassette. I bought it, it was in my hands, it was mines. I felt like music wasn't really ours anymore ... But this thing here, a tangible item, like your old Walkman or your old cassette, or your old record, that's what this is bringing back.

If you're not into the idea of the personalized speaker, which is now available for pre-order, no worries, RZA also revealed in the interview that the group hopes to have the album available in stores by Black Friday. RZA's full interview where he talks about the process of making the album with Billboard  can be read here.